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NRT Improves Public Health & is Encouraged by Policy

"Smoking is the biggest cause of avoidable death ……… in the UK. ……… People smoke as they are addicted to nicotine but are harmed by other constituents in the tobacco smoke. Provision of the nicotine ……… without the harmful componenets of tobacco smoke can prevent most of the harm from  smoking. ……… In the interests of public health it is important to promote the use of ……… NRT and other non-tobacco nicotine products as widely as possible, as a substitute for smoking in the UK." Nicotine without Smoke; Tobacco harm reduction a UK department of health report 20161

“There is high quality evidence that all of the licensed forms of NRT (gum, transdermal patch, nasal spray, inhalator and sublingual tablets/lozenges) can help people who make a quit attempt to increase their chances of successfully stopping smoking. NRTs increase the rate of quitting by 50% to 60%, regardless of setting, and further research is very unlikely to change our confidence in the estimate of the effect.” Hartman Boyce et al Cochrane review 20182

Why Could VOKE® be the Number One Choice for all Stakeholders?

Consumers: 20% of global adults now smoke, 7m UK adults smoke or vape, spending nearly £25bn every year. 50% trying to quit smoking each year, fewer than 3% succeed. Many rejecting vapes due to scare stories and bans.

Regulators: Increasing alarm at underage vaping rates, safety concerns for vaping products including heavy metals (Source: MHRA Nicotine vaping in England: 2022 evidence update summary), but challenged with healthcare cost burden on general population caused by smoking.

Doctors: Smoking rates remain high, Licenced Nicotine replacement; a market size of £3bn globally, is less satisfying than vapes, is rejected by consumers.

VOKE® is a safer alternative to smoking.

Faster craving relief AND approved safety reassurance

VOKE® a general sales medicine, and helps smokers to replace, cutdown or quit cigarettes.

VOKE® is approved for sale in all retail and channels. Including online stores such as AMAZON UK, where Vapes are banned.

VOKE® can be advertised directly to the consumer in all media.

VOKE® can be used anywhere; restaurants, pubs, offices and even planes and trains where smoking or vaping is banned.

VOKE® could also be prescribed by the NHS.

Underpinned by a robust IP portfolio

Aerosol is optimised for pulmonary deposition and fast onset; active ingredient reaches CNS rapidly.

Efficient delivery system; greater impact from less active ingredient.

>100 patents granted internationally.

The opportunity

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Ayrton Saunders Limited (Ayrtons) is offering for sale or licence, the intellectual property portfolio, approved MA’s and supply chain capable of supplying up to 18m units per annum. Though are flexible as to the solutions required from a partner.


Ayrtons is a dedicated smoking cessation technology company focused on commercialising VOKE® 2.0, the world’s first and only nicotine inhaler to be approved by national medicine authorities (UK), to help smokers replace, cutdown and quit smoking.

Combined IP

Combining IP purchased from Kind Consumer PLC & a sister company, Ayrtons has completely re-engineered the original product, delivering improved consumer experience and a 50% reduction on the retail price by means of a new reusable device and separately available refill canisters.


This NRT has been proven in multiple real-world product tests and clinical trials with smokers. Ayrtons is seeking multiple partners with whom to launch the product and grow the global NRT market, currently valued at over $3bn dollars per annum.


VOKE® can be sold on Amazon (vapes are banned) and advertised directly to the consumer online or in the media. The product is allowed to be used on public transport, on airplanes, in restaurants, bars, offices, shops and hospitals where smoking or vaping is banned.

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